Aquila Nylgut Concert Ukulele Strings

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Beautiful tone and sustain make Aquila strings a must for ukulele players.
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Combining elements of traditional string making with modern manufacturing techniques, Aquila leads the ukulele string market in technological advancement. Until the mid-20th century, ukuleles were strung exclusively in gut, a material that combines excellent promptness of attack with brilliance of timbre. A fundamental aim of Aquila’s research has been to make a new synthetic product having the same acoustic properties as gut, but without its typical defects (high cost, limited durability and high instability in varying climate). Nylgut®, Aquila’s patented synthetic string, has precisely these qualities: allowing for the rediscovery of the original sonorities of the ukulele, while guaranteeing a stability of tuning higher even than that of the best nylon strings.

Things You Will Get:

  • Ukulele Strings
  • Model Number 53105/50184
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