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Aquarian Reflector Superkick II Bass Drum Head

Aquarian's Reflector line of heads, inspired by drumming great Eric Moore, feature a new 2 Ply Hybrid Film combination that helps to enhance attack when played at higher volumes.


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Discounted Price $59.99 to $79.99

Discounted Price $59.99 to $79.99
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The Reflector Superkick Model features Aquarian’s patented Floating Muffling System. A narrow felt muffle ring is attached to the backside of the drumhead to add control and enhance low-end frequencies. A NEW 17 mil Aquarian Hybrid film combination makes Reflector heads more articulate, deliberate and durable. These heads are meant to be played HARD, FAST and with PASSION!

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I am currently waiting in the second one I just brought


The drum head sounds amazing I love everything about it



Love this head


For the 22 years I've been playing drums, Aquarian is always my go to for my bass drum heads. They are very clean and consistent. Great sound, great control



Unbeatable sound, a new take on a great head!


I've been using the Aquarian Super Kick II on my bass drum for about 4 years now. It was the first Aquarian I've bought and I've since moved my toms to using Aquarian batters as well. The SKII is my favorite bass drum head I've ever used, but the Reflector model is an even more fat and punchy head than its original cousin. This head is fantastic for playing live gigs, it can get LOUD. It's got fantastic punch in the high frequencies and unbeatable low end, making this head a must-have for any rock drummer.




Great Drumhead-awesome low end


This head is really great! With the extra Film(17 mil) this head is meant for hard hitting players! It has enhanced low end and great focus sound with the Felt strip in the back of the head. This head is great for Metal music or Rock. Its a very durable drumhead. Aquarian heads are like a Cast Iron Skillet, the longer you have them on the better they sound! I definitely recommend it! This is a product review by Rocky, @ Sam Ash Music Store #57-Indianapolis, IN.

Rocky Rodriguez

Indianapolis, IN


The latest incarnation of the Superkick II packs a punch!


Aquarian has some fantastic features that set them apart from their competitors. Safe T Lock hoops to keep the film from slipping out of the hoop. Vacuum process on two ply heads (like the reflectors) to eliminate dead spots and air pockets between the plies. Sound Curve collars that make seating and tuning to your individual drums bearing edges a breeze no more hair dryers, chest compressions, and other time consuming techniques necessary just get the head on the shell and line up the logo to taste, finger tighten the lugs and go from there. The Reflector series was designed with artist Eric Moore and is built to last it's a hybrid two ply head featuring a 10 mil ply on the bottom of the black film they use on some of their marching heads (brighter/denser plastic) and a 7 mil clear ply of their classic clear nubrite film on top. The combination of these films and plies gives you a warm responsive sound at low volumes and a deep, punchy, fat tone when you dig in. They look cool and are heavy duty also. These heads feature Aquarians superkick felt ring built in which perfectly dampen the head so no additional muffling is needed for a tight, punchy, controlled kick. These would be perfect for gospel, rnb, and rock drummers looking for a deep, fat, punchy sound with a darker timbre. I've tried them on maple, acrylic, birch, and my Mapex Saturn birch/walnut kit and loved this head every time.

Nate M

Cincinnati, OH


Instant Change in Dynamics !


I set this up on my kick drum as opposed to my normal evans skins that I use and the difference is night and day. The attack is super fast and it has a very punchy resonance that will make its unique sound shine in any situation. The skins themselves are super durable from what I can tell and they look very good, great style and great function.

Darius Taylor

Edison, NJ


Best Muffled Head


Bass drum muffling is a touchy subject. Many people throw a pillow in it, but to me, it then sounds like a bass drum with a pillow in it. But you have to muffle it, 'cause you'll loose all articulation otherwise. Muffled heads is a great compromise, and Aquarian has always been the best at it. This is just the last in a long line of great muffled heads, and this one's really designed for drummers who lay into their heads. If you trigger your bass drum, you probably don't need this much head, but if you're serious about kick, I can't recommend it enough.

DJ Jazzy Josh

Canoga Park, CA


Great Head!


Now this is a great bass drum head. The tone and resonance is great and they are designed to last. The construction is very durable and one of the better designs on the market. All the drummers have been drooling over them. I would recommend to any of my drumming friends!




Aquarian reflector


Very controlled kick head. It is meant to take abuse! We set one up on a kit with double bass pedals and it sounds great!

Lee @ Sam Ash Cincinnati

Cincinnato, OH

The perfect bass head for the heavy hitter!


I usually mess around with Evans EMAD bass heads but Aquarian seems to have won me over this time with the Super II. The Reflector series was already a favorite of mine, providing a massively dark tone with little to no effort as far as tuning goes. This Reflector Super II goes above and beyond however, massively durable providing my kick with an gut-punching attack that makes you question yourself as a person. All joking aside, this head is serious business. If you have a lead foot or if you like your bass to be dark and punchy, this one's for you.


Huntington Station


Reflector Superkick II Bass Drum Head

5.0 10


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