Alfred Phat Hitz on a Slim Budget Vol I Producing the Phat Hitz (DVD)

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Producing the Phat Hitz gives you insider secrets to producing the hits that storm the charts. Learn from Grammy[R]-nominated songwriter/producer Kashif as he shows you how to make phat beats, write phat lyrics and great songs, choose the right sounds for your songs, get great lead and background vocals, how to mike and record drums, and how to choose mikes for great vocals.

These DVDs are jam packed with the backroom secrets that the major studio techs and big baller producers have been using for years. It's easy to understand and a load of fun to watch because it is hosted by our own big baller Kashif, the Grammy[R]-nominated songwriter/producer of such superstars as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Lil' Kim. If you are any type of performing musician and hope to have your music recorded one day, these are the DVDs for you! Special features include a glossary of terminology, Kashif's biography and discography, recommended equipment, and more.

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  • DVD
  • Model Vol. I: Producing the Phat Hitz
    Series Phat Hitz on a Slim Budget
    Model Number 00-907980