Aebersold Harmonic Foundation For Jazz And Popular Music

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Unique method for creating chord voicings and harmonizing a melody. Learning Jimmy’s harmonization methods will enhance your personal creativity, make the world of harmony a friendly world to explore, and create limitless possibilities. Unlike other jazz harmony books that simply provide a few harmonic choices, this book also teaches you how to "think" about jazz harmony - providing the "why to play" as well as the "what to play." This added dimension means you will never be at a loss for new harmonic ideas once you understand the rules of the "Amadiean Creed."

For all instruments; students, teachers, arrangers, composers, and performers. 150 spiral-bound pages.

This text, using a unique method founded on 5-note harmony, will help students, teachers, and pro players who need to know how to voice chords and harmonize a melody. Using a step-by-step approach resulting from the author's years of experience as a pianist, composer, arranger, and teacher, its guidelines will help each player develop his creative potential to the fullest. This text, in combination with his secong book, "Jazz Improv: How To Play It And Teach It", which follows the evolution of jazz through a number of styles, becomes a comprehensive treatise for learning the essentials of harmony and improvisation.

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