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EarMaster 6 Pro teaches ear training for all musicians, at any playing level, on any instrument! If you want to sing, improvise or jam with complete confidence, you need to recognize all the sounds around you. EarMaster includes over 2,000 ear training lessons for recognizing and transcribing intervals, chords, scales, rhythms and melodies. You can even create your own customized exercises!

Learn to play, improvise, notate and compose by ear. EarMaster will challenge trained and untrained ears for all vocalists and musicians playing guitar, piano, bass, drums, flute or any other instrument! Making music with others will become easy and fun!

EarMaster ear training will help you:
•  Memorize songs faster
•  Play and sing music exactly as you hear it
•  Read sheet music and "hear it in your head" instantly
•  Perform with confidence in any musical situation
•  Understand music at a deeper level

Your own personal teacher
EarMaster Pro 6 includes two advanced courses with over 2,000 lessons that will guide you and increase the level of complexity as you improve your musical skills. The Standard course has lessons ranging from beginners to advanced users. The Jazz course has lessons with swing rhythms and jazz chords! You can take a lesson again and again, because it will change every time you take it!

New features include:
•  New activity: Melodic Sight-Singing
•  New activity: Melody Imitation
•  Over 2,000 new lessons
•  New streamlined interface
•  New notation engine featuring 2 types of notation: standard and jazz (Real Book style)
•  New vocal range setting that adapts the lessons to the user’s vocal range
•  Addition of a Solfege keyboard in addition to the existing on-screen interfaces (staff, piano, guitar, banjo, violin, cello, mandolin, multiple-choice buttons, etc.).
•  Database of melodies and lead sheets for sight-singing and melody imitation [preview of next free update]
•  New pitch detection algorithm provided by Mu Technologies
•  New sound playback engine with possibility to load SoundFonts (.sf2)
•  Revised questioning engine that adapts to the user’s answers
•  New fingerboard interface with 2 options: Rosewood and Maple
•  And hundreds of other improvements

A complete package for ear training and sight-singing
EarMaster Pro 6 includes exercises in identifying intervals, chords, chord inversions, chord progressions, scales, and modes. You will also find exercises in transcribing melodies and rhythms and in sight-reading or imitation of rhythms. The broad range of exercise areas covers all your training needs for pitch, harmonies, and rhythms! Used together, all of the activities included in EarMaster Pro 6 will help you enhance your musicality and improve your playing!

Sing, clap, or play your answers
Plug in a microphone, an electric guitar or a MIDI keyboard to sing or play intervals, scales, melodies, or chords and clap rhythms with your hands. With the new sight-singing exercise, you will be able to sing a melody and obtain instant feedback on your pitch and timing accuracy. If you are not so familiar with note reading, the melody imitation and rhythm imitation activities will let you play, sing or clap back melodies and rhythms by ear. It doesn’t get more interactive than that.

Instant feedback
EarMaster Pro 6 gives instant audiovisual feedback on everything you do! The tones you enter are transcribed simultaneously on the staff and on the on-screen instruments. When you submit your answer, EarMaster will tell if your answer is wrong. Your answer and the correct answer will be shown on the staff and instruments, and you can hear both individually. This is a very effective learning process where you learn from your errors and improve your ear faster than with any other training method!

Ear training for all musicians
EarMaster Pro 6 will challenge all trained and untrained ears! It is for all vocalists and musicians playing guitar, piano, bass, drums, flute, or any other instrument!

Guitar, piano, bass, violin, cello, and more!
Make ear training a musical project by relating it to an instrument you play! EarMaster is designed for musicians playing almost any instrument. You can interact with EarMaster in a multitude of ways. EarMaster Pro 6 supports on-screen piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, banjo and any other customized string instrument! EarMaster Pro 6 also comes with real-time pitch and rhythm detection technology that allows you to sing and clap your answer using a microphone – and to play your answer on your favorite instrument! You can also use the onscreen staff, multiple-choice, or use MIDI input from keyboards and other MIDI-devices.

Powerful tool for advanced users
You can customize EarMaster Pro 6 more than any other ear training tool! There are a lot of settings for the user interface and for the way you use EarMaster Pro 6. While you work with a lesson you can change clefs, time limits, input methods, tempo, sounds, etc. There are also keyboard shortcuts to all features. A great feature is that you can make your own custom tuned string instrument for inserting and displaying the tones on the screen. Even left handed string instruments are possible!

Customized exercises
In the customized mode you are in control of the exercises and you can configure them to do exactly what you want! You can customize pitch ranges, keys and meters, how the chord or interval should be placed in the key, how intervals and chords are played, and you can specify exactly what intervals, chords and rhythm values to work with, and much more. You can of course also define your own customized chords, scales and chord progressions!

Detailed statistics on your progress
You can monitor your progress by viewing the detailed statistics about your performance! Has your ear improved at identifying the minor 7th chord? What progress have you made in the past two weeks? Are you answering faster? How much time did you spend on ear training during the past month? EarMaster will provide all this information for you!

Pass your ear training exams
Do you need to pass an ear training exam in a near future? EarMaster Pro 6 allows you to test yourself at home in similar conditions as an actual ear training exam! This is exactly why EarMaster is so commonly found in the computer labs of the leading music schools and conservatories around the world. Any lesson or customized exercise can be turned into a strict and merciless test! Did you miss identifying the chord? Too bad, because I will not play it again! And I need your answer in 10 seconds!


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