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MSRP: $2,795.00 $2,495.00 Save : $300.00 (11%)
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MSRP: $2,795.00 $2,495.00 Save : $300.00 (11%)
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The HM2EQ Hammer is a dual mono, 3 band, semi-parametric, Solid State-Tube Hybrid Equalizer, combining the best advantages of tube-driven warmth and accurate solid-state circuitry

The "Hammer" gives you the sweet, classic sound of a tube equalizer, placing the tube in the stage where the sound signal enters the EQ, instantly adding A-Designs' high-standard analog character before the solid-state EQ section takes over. This offers you the ability to enhance the natural quality of your product before shaping it's final personality.

  • 3 band Low, Mid and High bands- The Hammer has 18 selectable frequencies ranging from 30Hz to 15kHz. The low, mid, and high bands have a selectable center frequency and the bands themselves overlap in such a way that makes for a very smooth transition throughout the entire frequency spectrum.
  • Boost and Cut of 12db- Very smooth on the highs at mids even at heavy levels of boost. Channel to channel matching is excellent.
  • 84hz Low cut switch- This filter is perfect for quickly removing unnecessary bass and sub-bass material. Overheads, Hi Hats even certain vocals or vocal sub-mixes can greatly benefit from a good high-pass filter. There's only so much room available down there!
  • 8khz Hi Cut switch- This feature is for quickly knocking out unnecessary high end. Kick drums, bass and even guitar amps can greatly benefit from this feature.
  • Proportional Q- The bandwidth AKA "Q" is self-adjusting. Q is "proportional" to the amount boost or cut applied. The more boost or cut applied the narrower the Q becomes and vice versa. This gives the user broad and surgical capabilities. The Hammer’s unique ability to have its Q float like this is one the secrets to its highly musical response, and also a reason for why its near impossible to make the Hammer sound bad at any frequency or gain setting. This feature also makes it a very simple and fast unit to use.
  • Gold Contact relay hard bypass on each channel- Bypass has zero circuitry and simply connects the input XLR to the output XLR.
  • Amplifier- The Hammer is a hybrid Solid State and Tube device. The input amplifier duty is handled by a high performance active, solid state circuit while the output runs through a 12AT7 triode tube configured to emphasize appealing second order harmonics and to help "smooth" out transients in a highly musical way. This creative tube technology is one of the key elements that makes the Hammer one of the most unique EQs on the market. There are engineers that run entire mixes through the Hammer with the boost/cut at zero just to add this flavor.

  • Mastering- The Hammer has the ability to add a touch of silky tube sound to everything that goes through it without distortion. Mastering engineers often turn to the Hammer for this very reason.
  • Mixing and Tracking- The mids and high end on this unit are what most engineers remark the most positively about. It provides excellent air at 10k and even 15k. It's no wonder that it loves electric guitars, overheads and vocals. It also finds its way onto the last point in the chain at the 2 buss output.

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    HM2EQ Unit
    Power cable
    Owner's Manual
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