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When sound engineers for major motion pictures need a comprehensive set of processors for mixing 5.1 Surround sound, they turn to Waves 360° Surround Tools. Conceived and created especially for Surround production, 360° Surround Tools includes compression, limiting, reverb, spatial enhancement, and much more. For the creation of sophisticated, accurate Surround mixes for today’s multi-channel listening environments, absolutely nothing compares.

C360 Surround Compressor

L360 Surround Limiter

LFE360 Low Pass Filter

IDR360 Surround Bit Re-Quantizer

Surround Reverb

M360 Surround Mixdown

M360 Surround Manager

S360 Surround Imager

S360 Surround Panner


UM225 / UM226

Dorrough Surround Meters

Dorrough Stereo Meters

Take control of your Surround mixing in an intuitive and natural way with compliance to industry standards. Easily achieve high localization or enveloping spatialization, 360° of rotation, width, distance panning, reverberation, flexibly-linked dynamics, calibration, mixdown and more.

The Waves M360° Surround Mixdown is a specialized audio plugin which derives Quad, LCR, Stereo and Mono mixes directly from a Surround mix. In addition, the M360° will output a stereo-compatible mix from the very same session. Part of the Waves 360° Surround Tools Bundle, the Waves M360° Surround Mixdown is essential to any comprehensive Surround mixing or mastering system.

The Waves S360° Surround Imager enables precise manipulation of audio imaging and distance panning for Surround sound projects. The S360° generates early reflections and uses shuffling to increase low frequency width, supporting sample rates of up to 192 kHz. With its incompaparable spatial enhancement capabilities, the Waves S360° is an essential part of any 5.1 channel or Surround production.

Engineered especially for Surround sound, the Waves R360° Surround Reverb is a state-of-the-art acoustic modeling plugin for 5 and 5.1 mixing environments. Supporting sample rates of up to 96 kHz, the R360° provides six channels of perfectly de-correlated reverberation with special front and rear Surround controls. If you're looking for rich, smooth room simulations for your Surround projects, then look no further: the Waves R360° Surround Reverb DELIVERS!

The Waves M360° Surround Manager is a Surround management tool for 5 or 5.1 channel mixing environments, especially designed for studio monitoring calibration and bass management in Surround sound productions. The M360° allows monitoring on satellite and subwoofer systems with flexible control of the subwoofer feed as well as individual channel gain and delay settings. The Waves M360° Surround Manager is a powerful addition to any Surround mixing or mastering studio.

Introducing the Waves C360°, THE Surround Compressor for 5 or 5.1 channel productions. Waves is proud to bring its highly acclaimed audio compression technology to a plugin engineered especially for Surround sound. With its flexible channel coupling and grouping, the Waves C360° dynamics processor delivers state-of-the-art soft knee compression to any Surround mixing or mastering environment.

Introducing the Waves LFE360° Low Pass Filter, conceived and created by Waves especially for Surround and 5.1 mixing applications. Designed to filter and enhance the audio on the LFE channel, the LFE360° boasts an impressive 60 db per octave roll-off. The Waves LFE360° Low Pass Filter is an exceptional audio processor suitable for any Surround mixing environment.

With its patented psychoacoustic technology, The Waves IDR360° Bit Requantizer delivers unparallelled results when reducing the bit-depth of Multichannel and Surround audio material. The Waves IDR360° incorporates dithering and noise shaping to optimize output, producing clean and accurate audio processing with minimal data loss for your Surround projects.

Waves is proud to introduce the L360° Surround Limiter, the ultimate level maximizer for 5 or 5.1 channel audio. Based on the legendary Waves L1 and L2 UltraMaximizers, the L360° provides brick wall peak limiting, dithering and noise shaping for multi-channel digital audio at sample rates of up to 96kHz. With its flexible channel coupling and grouping, the L360° is an essential tool for any Surround mixing or mastering studio.

The Waves S360° Surround Panner gives you complete control over panning and imaging in the Surround mixing environment. Supporting sample rates of up to 192 kHz, the S360° is an indispensable spatial enhancement tool, delivering image placement with unsurpassed Waves quality and a user-friendly interface. With the Waves S360°, you can define the width and rotation of any audio input based on a 360° Surround stage.

These plugins will run in any VST 5.1 capable environment on Mac OSX and Windows XP.

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