Extended Service Plans

Protect Your Investment and Get Peace of Mind

At Sam Ash, we pride ourselves on our reputation of service and selection. In addition to our wide variety of top-quality products, we offer Warrantech Extended Service Plans that will keep your gear working like new beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty. With an Extended Service Plan, you can enjoy the investment you've made while confident that you're covered if anything should go wrong!

Our service contracts, backed by insurers rated "Excellent" by A.M. Best, cover many common problems that manufacturer's warranties often exclude.  Simply put, we'll give you more comprehensive coverage for a longer period of time.

Our plans also offer the convenience of the Warrantech service network, so a simple toll-free call gets you service when and where you need it.  For certain plans on electronic products under $300 and cymbals, you can even get a brand new unit if yours breaks.

All Extended Service Plans include the following benefits:

  • More extensive coverage than the manufacturer's warranty: All plans protect you for a longer time period and cover repairs that the manufacturer's warranty excludes.
  • Plans are transferable: If you give or sell your gear to someone else, you also transfer the plan as long as it has not expired.  A $10 transfer fee will apply. (Note: The Replacement Plan is not transferable.)
  • Free Shipping to and from repair center: On most plans, Warrantech pays the shipping to and from the repair center (excludes Replacement Plan, Used Extension Plan, and Cymbal Replacement Plan).
  • No-Lemon Guarantee: If you've had your gear repaired twice for the same problem, and need the problem fixed for a third time, Warrantech will replace your item with another of like kind and quality that does not exceed the cost of the original. (Note: Since the Replacement Plan and the Cymbal Replacement Plan already replace your product, the No-Lemon Guarantee does not apply to them.)
  • Worldwide Coverage: The Electric Guitar Performance Plan and the Preferred Extension Plan provide you with coverage and service for your purchase, even when travelling overseas (although free shipping only applies within the US).

Choose from one of five (5) different options and protect your investment with the plan that best suits your needs†.

Electric Guitar Performance Plan

The Electric Guitar Performance Plan provides optimal coverage for your electric or bass guitar for one or two years (your choice) after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty. If your guitar or bass malfunctions while covered, Warrantech will either fix it or give you a new or refurbished instrument of the same or similar characteristics. This coverage extends to the mechanisms and electronics of your instrument, which most manufacturers do not cover under warranties. The Electric Guitar Performance Plan will also repair the wooden parts of the guitar if they become cracked. If your guitar cannot be repaired and no replacement is available, Warrantech will refund the purchase price of your original guitar (taxes excluded).

Preferred Extension Plan (For Other Instruments and Electronics)

If you didn't buy a guitar, don't worry - we have a plan for you too! The Preferred Extension Plan is our most comprehensive plan. For one or two years (your choice) after the manufacturer's warranty expires, the Preferred Extension Plan will provide the necessary service to keep your purchase in good working order. If your gear fails while covered, the Preferred Extension Plan assures you that your purchase will either be repaired or replaced with another of the same or similar characteristics. A replacement product or part may be either new or refurbished, and may not necessarily be the same brand as your original. The Preferred Extension Plan goes beyond most manufacturer's warranties by covering the following things: Damage to power supplies (internal and external), recording heads, potentiometers, internal wiring and circuitry, motors, drum triggers, keyboard sensors, motors, transport mechanisms, diaphragms, or factory programmed sounds and effects resulting from:

  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Dust
  • Internal Heat
  • Humidity
  • Power Surge

If your product cannot be repaired, and no replacement product is available, Warrantech will refund the purchase price of your original product (taxes excluded).

Note: The Preferred Extension Plan does NOT cover computers.

Replacement Plan (For Products under $300)

If you purchased a product under $300 and wouldn't want to bother waiting for repairs, then the Replacement Plan is for you. If your product should malfunction in the year following the expiration of your warranty, the Replacement Plan will furnish you with another product of the same or similar characteristics. As with our other plans, the replacement product may be either new or refurbished, and may not necessarily be the same brand as your original purchase. If no replacement product is available, we will refund you the purchase price of your original product (taxes excluded).

Used Extension Plan

Sometimes the best gear is pre-owned gear, and it shouldn't go unprotected just because it isn't covered by a manufacturer's warranty. That's why we've created the Used Extension Plan. Under this plan, we provide you with the labor and replacement parts to keep your pre-owned purchase in tip-top condition for one year, beginning on the 31st day of product ownership. Should your product fail, we will repair or replace it with another one with comparable features. As always, the replacement may be new or refurbished, and may not necessarily be the same brand.

Cymbal Replacement Plan

If you are a drummer, you're well aware that your cymbals can take a beating. For your convenience, we have the Cymbal Replacement Plan to cover you for a full year after your cymbal's warranty expires. If your cymbal cracks or breaks while covered, you can send it back to the manufacturer for a free replacement. This is our simplest and most popular plan!  Contact Sam Ash directly with any questions regarding the Cymbal Replacement Plan.

What Is Not Covered:

  • Incidental or consequential damages or preexisting conditions
  • Damage from accident, abuse, misuse
  • Battery leakage
  • Improper use of any power supply
  • Introduction of foreign objects into the product
  • Unauthorized product modifications or alterations
  • Failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions
  • Third party actions (fire, collision, vandalism, theft, etc.)
  • The elements or acts of God
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Changes in sound quality  and any other "no problem found" diagnosis from the manufacturer or authorized service center.
  • Other items as indicated in the Terms and Conditions. 

The following items are ineligible for coverage and are not covered if sold with an eligible item:

  • Raw Speakers or speaker cones
  • Melted voice coils
  • Lighting or stage equipment
  • Acoustic or non-electric fretted instruments
  • Monitors or enclosures or cabinetry
  • Accessories
  • Expendables and supplies, including: batteries, antennas, cords, novelties, tubes, cartridges, styluses, records, audio/video disks, tapes, computer software or disks, strings, skins, drum heads, drum sticks, cables, cymbals, and bulbs
  • Products permanently installed in a physical commercial venue
  • Products used for rentals

Limit of Liability: The least of the cost of (1) authorized repairs, (2) replacement with a product of similar features, (3) reimbursement for authorized repairs or replacement, or (4) the price that you paid for the product. Neither we nor Warrantech will be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of wages or profits.  For service or more information on the terms of our service plans, please call Warrantech at 1-888-427-7676.