Sam Ash Buyers Guides

Here at Sam Ash Direct, we pride ourselves on having the largest selection of musical instruments and live sound and recording gear imaginable. But with so much gear in our catalogs, how can you choose what’s right for you? To help answer that daunting question, we have created the Sam Ash Buyers Guides to help you make informed purchases. Whether you are choosing between electric and acoustic guitars; dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones; active and passive speaker cabinets; 4- and 5-. 6- and even 7-string basses; tube amps and solid-stateamps; you’ll find information on these pages that will help you understand these differences and make wise purchases. And, if after reading our Buyers Guides, you feel you still need help, you can always call 1-800-472-6274 and speak with a Sam Ash sales professional who can personally guide you toward the best purchase for your needs.


Electronic Drums Buyers Guide
Electronic Drum Set Buyers Guide
Electronic Drum Sets For Beginners
Electronic Drum Pads Guide
Electronic Cymbal Pads Guide
Electronic Drum Sound Modules Guide
Recording With Electronic Drums
Playing Live With Electronic Drums
A Brief History Of Electronic Drums
Electronic Drums Frequently Asked Questions

Drum & Percussion Buyers Guides

REMO Djembe Buyers Guide

Guitar Buyers Guides

Starter Guitar Buyers Guide
Starter Acoustic Guitar String Choices
Starter Acoustic Guitar Buyers Guide
Acoustic Guitar Starter Packs
Starter Acoustic Guitar Capos
Starter Acoustic Guitar Wood
Beginner's Electric Guitar Buyers Guide
Electric Guitar Starter Pack Buyers Guide
Beginner's Electric Guitar String Choices
Beginner's Electric Guitar Effect Pedals
Beginner's Electric Guitar Tuners
Ukulele Buyers Guide

Guitar Amp Buyers Guides

Electric Guitar Amplifier Buyers Guide
Tube Guitar Amplifier Buyers Guide
Solid State Guitar Amplifier Buyers Guide
Modeling Guitar Amplifier Buyers Guide
Choosing The Right Amp For Your Music
Choosing the Right Bass Guitar Amplifier

Guitar Effects Buyers Guides

Guitar Effect Pedal Guide

Auto Wah Pedal Guide

Chorus/Flanger Pedal Guide
Compressor/Sustain Pedal Guide

Delay Pedal Guide

Distortion Pedal Guide

Effects Pedal Board Guide

EQ Pedal Guide

Multi-Effect Pedal Guide

Octave/Pitch Shifter Pedal Guide

Phrase Looper Pedal Guide

Reverb Pedal Guide

Talk Box Pedal Guide

Tremolo/Vibrato Pedal Guide

Wah Wah Pedal Guide

Unusual Pedal Guide

Home Recording Buyers Guides
Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) Software

Digital Home Recording Software Plug-Ins
Digital Multi-Track Recorders
Hand-held Stereo Recorders For Home Recording
Home and Portable Recording
Home Recording With Virtual Instruments
Home Studio Microphones
Portable Digital Recorders
Portable Multi-Track Recorders For Home Recording
Recording Instruments With Studio Microphones
Recording Vocals In Your Home Recording Studio
Studio Monitors and Headphones
USB Microphones For Your Home Recording Studio

Orchestral Instruments Buyers Guides

Student Violin Buyers Guide

Guide To Buying Your First Clarinet
Guide To Buying Your First Flute
Guide To Buying Your First Saxophone
Guide To Buying Your First Trumpet

Beginners Harmonica Buyers Guide

Portable PA Audio Systems Buyers Guides

Portable PA Audio System Buyers Guide
Needed Accessories For Your Portable PA System
Battery Powered Portable PA Audio System Buyers Guide
Buying A Portable PA Audio System For Mid-Size Venues
Buying A Portable PA Audio System For Larger Venues

House Of Worship Sound System Buyers Guides
House Of Worship Guide (Main)
Basic Sound Systems
Miking The Message
Miking The Musicians
Recording The Message
Other Tools

Fender Stratocaster Buyers Guides
Fender Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender Stratocaster History & Overview
Fender Standard Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender American Standard Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender American Special Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender American Vintage Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender Deluxe Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender Classic Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender Highway One Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Fender Road Worn Stratocaster Buyers Guide
Squier Stratocaster Buyers Guide

Stratocaster Or Telecaster: What To Choose

Fender Telecaster Buyers Guides

Fender Telecaster Buyers Guide

Les Paul Buyers Guides

Gibson Les Paul Buyers Guide

Avoiding Counterfeit Guitars

How To Spot A Counterfeit Guitar
How To Spot A Counterfeit Gibson, Fender or Ibanez Guitar