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Buying A Portable PA System For A Larger Venue

Larger venues, such as school gymnasiums, auditoriums, larger exercise or dance studios, and wedding reception halls, start to push the limits of portable PA audio systems.Systems for this purpose need to be at least in the 500 watt range and while the choices are limited, there are portable PA audio systems that meet this requirement.

Our Choices For Larger Venues

The Fender Passport 500 Pro features a pair of 10 inch two way speakers each with a 1.2 inch horn loaded tweeter, an eight channel powered mixer with a 500 watt Class D stereo power amp and selectable and adjustable reverb. DJs will appreciate the subwoofer output to attach the system to an external subwoofer. Everyone will appreciate the USB connection for recording. As will all Fender Passport PA systems, the whole system packs into a single self-contained unit for easy transport at only 44 lbs.

Like the Passport 500 Pro, the Yamaha StagePas 500 features a 500 watt stereo amplifier, two 10 inch two way speakers, reverb, phantom power, and a traveling weight of about 60 lbs. The Yamaha has a 10 channel mixer and an auto limiter to prevent speaker overload. There is a speech mode for presentations and line inputs for adding background music. The whole system weighs in at about 53 lbs.

The Samson Expedition XP510i offers, you guessed it, 500 watts of stereo power, a 10 channel mixer, a pair of 10 inch two way speakers with a 1 inch tweeter. Add to that an iPod dock and 10 studio quality 24 bit digital effects, monitor outputs, all in a compact 53 lb package that can connect into a single easily portable unit.
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