Portable Multi-track Recorders for Home Recording

If you want a little more power than a handheld digital recorder can offer, but still want your home recording unit to be portable, then you're looking for a portable multitrack recorder. With the ability to record simultaneous tracks, edit existing ones, overdub new ones, and mix them all together, a portable multitrack unit lies between a handheld recorder and more traditional multi-track unit. With a portable multi-track, your home recording studio will be able to handle anything from live, on the go recording to a full band configuration; giving you one of the most versatile home recording rigs available today.

Portable Multi-track Recorder Features

Multi-track recording — As the name implies, a portable multi-track gives you the ability to record different tracks simultaneously. Unlike handheld stereo recorders, portable multi-tracks give your home recording studio the ability to record separate tracks from multiple sources all at once, and then mix those tracks individually for superior sound quality.

Record on the go — Just because your portable multi-track makes a great home recording studio doesn't mean it has to stay there. The compact and light-weight design of a portable multi-track allows for easy transportation and quick setup. And with the ability to run on either AC or battery power, you'll be free to record wherever you want.

Studio features — Chances are that with a portable multitrack in your arsenal you won't find yourself wishing for more features anytime soon. With recording, overdubbing, editing and mixing capabilities built directly into the unit, you get everything you need to record your songs from start to finish.

With a unit like the Boss BR800 Digital Recorder you'll be able to record up to 4 tracks simultaneously, giving you the ability to record everything from your own personal practice to an entire band. The built-in stereo microphones let you start recording with the push of a button, while the multi-track inputs allow you to capture a more nuanced and defined sound with the onboard EQ controls. Even more amazingly, the Boss BR800 lets you overdub new tracks, edit existing ones, and mix them all down, all with the onboard controls!

Easily Transfer Your Songs — When you're all done recording your tracks, easily export your stereo mix or each channel individually straight to your computer using a high-speed USB connection. Today's multitrack recorders are designed to streamline the process of transferring your home recording; so you can put your music onto a CD quickly.

By selecting a portable multitrack recorder as the base of your home recording studio, you'll be prepared to record nearly every occasion. If the situation calls for a quick and easy recording of a practice session or live performance; you'll be prepared thanks to the built in stereo microphone. If, however, the situation calls for a more complex and comprehensive recording, you'll be ready for that too; this time using the multitrack capabilities and onboard controls to produce a spectacular home recording wherever you are.