Gibson USA Les Paul Guitars

The Gibson Guitar Corporation introduced the first successful commercial electric guitar in 1936. Fourteen years later, Gibson sought to name an innovative guitar after one of the most influential jazz guitarists and creative musical innovators of the era  -- Les Paul.  Les Paul built what many believe is the first solid body electric guitar, affectionately known as the “log” because the strings and electronics all ran through a single piece of wood (with guitar sides glued on to the central piece).  The log was never introduced commercially, but after much experimentation and refinement, the first solid-body Gibson Les Paul electric guitar debuted in 1951, and began a revolution that influences guitarists from all genres to this day.  To this day, the Gibson Les Paul is the mark of a true musician.

The construction, sound, and aesthetics of the Gibson Les Paul have improved remarkably over its 50+ years in existence, but the Les Paul guitar remains a staple of American music and pop culture and Gibson continues to show that American craftsmanship and American factories can still lead the world. The versatility of the Gibson Les Paul guitar also aids in its popularity, and makes it the perfect guitar for starters or virtuosos looking to find or refine their sound.

The sound and quality of the Les Paul Standard released in 2008 was previously only found in rare vintage models sold for thousands of dollars. Through modern innovations, those highly sought after features were replicated and improved in the modern Les Paul, which set the bar for electric guitars higher than it’s ever been.  Today’s Gibson Les Paul is universally considered the best Les Paul ever produced.

The unique tone and playability of a Les Paul are the end result of premium features, and are just waiting for you to discover your own, unique sound as a musician.  Here are the premium features common to nearly all Gibson Les Paul Guitars:

1. Fine woods:  Les Paul Guitars get much of their sound and their legendary sustain from dense woods.  Most Les Paul Guitars have mahogany bodies (for a more mellow tone) or mahogany bodies with maple or flame maple tops (for a brighter tone and enhanced beauty).  Gibson has its own wood experts that personally select the finest wood for each guitar.  The wood goes through curing and the entire manufacturing process at a constant temperature and humidity to assure that it will never warp and will always produce the fine sound of a Les Paul.

2. Set necks:  The necks are also usually of mahogany and are attached to the body by carefully glued a mortise and tenon joint that gives extraordinary strength to the body neck connection.  This design allows the body and neck to resonate as a single piece of wood contributing to the classic Les Paul sound and sustain and true to Les Paul’s original concept of the “log” his first solid body guitar.  Every Gibson Les Paul Neck is hand finished by an experienced luthier.

3. Perfectly Adjusted Fret Boards:  Les Paul fingerboards are either made of select rosewood or ebony with highly polished and dressed frets.  This makes it easy to bend strings and move quickly up and down the neck.  Most Gibson Les Paul guitars are sent through a Precision Plek machine to ensure perfectly aligned frets that limit string buzz and guarantee a consistent feel to every Les Paul.

4. Fine Electronics: Gibson pioneered the Humbucking Pickup which is found on most Les Pauls today (other than the Les Paul Junior).  Immune to the 60 cycle A/C hum that can plague other pickup designs, the Humbucker is one of the most powerful great sounding pickups ever developed.  The Humbuckers on today’s Les Pauls reflect the classic tone of the originals with modern refinements that make today’s guitars the best ever built.

5. TonePros Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Stop Bar Tailpiece:  The strings of most Gibson Les Paul Guitars are anchored by Gibson’s famous Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Stop Bar Tailpiece, that assures perfect intonation and, because they are solidly made of dense metal, the long sustain that characterizes the Les Paul. The Tune-o-Matic Bridge and stopbar tailpiece create equally perfect spacing between the string and body that also allow each string’s height above the bridge and frets to be adjusted individually.

6. Thin Nitrocellulose Finish:  Where other guitars use less expensive polyurethane finishes, all Gibson Les Pauls are coated with a thin, consistent nitrocellulose finish allows the instrument’s natural vibrations to create its purest tone while allowing the wood to “breathe” and age naturally.  Your Les Paul will sound great when you first open the case and sound even better with time.

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You know the expression, “It was love at first sight?” Well, Gibson Les Paul guitars are love at first strum. Every part of a Les Paul, from the Tune-o-Matic bridge up to the locking Grover Tuners, is engineered for maximum playability, versatility and visual appeal. Gibson Les Paul guitars are held in such high regard by the best current and legendary guitar players that it is an honor just to be able to carefully package these world-renowned guitars and send them straight to your door.

Just playing a Gibson Les Paul guitar boosts your reputation as a guitarist, and knowing how to utilize their awesome features creates a lasting effect with your family, friends, audience, and band-mates, along with yourself.

When you’re set on purchasing a Gibson Les Paul, look no further than the impressive Sam Ash inventory of nearly every Les Paul model and design available on the market.From the moment you feel the guitar strapped comfortably over your shoulder, you’ll swear the Les Paul’s look, feel, and sound indicate it was sent directly from the Gibson assembly line.

American-made Gibson Les Paul models include:

Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul Standard

The Gibson Les Paul Standard is the guitar at the root of the Les Paul image of perfection. With t win Burstbucker Pro pickups specifically made for the Standard to increase output and overall sound, and l ocking Grover Tuners that give a classic-modern combo look to the headstock, the Les Paul Standard literally sets the standard for guitar versatility. Whatever your musical preference is, the Les Paul Standard is just waiting for the chance to prove it’ll satisfy your musical visions.

  • Mahogany back with a maple top
  • Chambered body
  • Mahogany set neck
  • Crown inlays
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Nitrocellulose finish
  • Pickguard
  • Twin humbucker pickups
  • Locking tuners
  • Tune-o-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece
  • 22 Precision Plek-leveled frets
  • Enlarged neck tenon
  • Custom-made, solderless potentiometers

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Gibson Les Paul Studio

Gibson Les Paul Studio

When it comes to a guitar with a stream-lined look and classic Gibson Les Paul sound, the Les Paul Studio is the working musician’s choice. The 498T pickup uses an Alnico V magnet to emphasize mid-range and higher notes perfect for wailing solos or clean strumming. The 490R has an Alnico II magnet perfect for deeper, juicier tones while palm-muting or heavier riffs. With a guitar as versatile as the Les Paul Studio, it’s easy to see why a guitar originally designed for studio guitarists has become a staple of stage and studio players everywhere.

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Gibson Les Paul Supreme

Gibson Les Paul Supreme

The Gibson Les Paul Supreme is remarkably similar to a Les Paul Custom, and requires extensive handcrafting to create its amazing look, feel, and sound. With gold 498T Alnico V and 490R Alnico II pickups, four gold volume and tone knobs, a gold-plated truss rod Les Paul engraved cover, and a gold Tune-o-Matic Bridge and stopbar tailpiece, you’d swear this guitar’s beautiful look was designed by King Midas himself. The addition of a Grade-AAAA maple carved back for a more comfortable feel solidifies the Gibson Les Paul Supreme as the pinnacle of visual attractiveness equal to the guitar’s wide-ranging, impressive sound.

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Gibson Les Paul Junior

Gibson Les Paul Junior

The Gibson Les Paul Junior proves that innovation can sometimes mean addition by subtraction, as made notorious by legendary Green Day front-man Billie Joe Armstrong. The legendary Gibson P-90 pickup stands alone on the bridge, providing a perfect balance of a crisp treble and classic rhythm sound unmatched in other single coil pickup. A vintage wraparound bridge/tailpiece, along with one volume and one tone knob, allow simple string height, volume and tone adjustments. The Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar proves versatility can also mean simplicity.

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Gibson Les Paul Traditional

Gibson Les Paul Traditional

The Gibson Les Paul Traditional guitar combines all the great features of classic Les Paul guitars from the ’80s and ’90s, while maintaining the playability that comes standard with any Les Paul. The ’50s and ’60s-style thicker neck increases string resonance, and nine strategically placed weight-relief holes in the Grade-A mahogany back and Grade-AA maple plus top help with maneuverability and comfort on stage. The ’57 Classic pickups feature a mid-range punch and warm depth combination that makes the Les Paul Traditional appealing to any musical style.

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Gibson Les Paul Artist Series

Every guitar player draws musical influences from masters of the ax before them, and the Gibson Les Paul Artist Series features a variety of guitars customized for some of rock’s biggest names. Some of these innovative guitarists that took existing models and tweaked them to their own unique styles include Slash, Billie Joe Armstrong, Jon Bonamassa, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, and more. Their places in rock history all started somewhere with a Les Paul, showing once against that Gibson Les Paul guitars can help you achieve your identity as a guitarist.

Additional Gibson Les Paul accessories:

While each of the above mentioned Gibson Les Paul models comes with a complimentary hardshell case (except for the Les Paul Studio Faded, which comes with an easily portable gig bag), there are many other things that aid in your development as a guitar virtuoso.

Amplifiers: Whether you prefer Marshall, Crate, Fender, Line6, Vox or another brand, amplifiers are the next step towards bringing out the best guitarist in you. After all, a Gibson Les Paul is just a beautiful guitar until you can actually plug it in and showcase its versatility.

Pickups: Gibson is known for its revolutionary Burstbucker humbucker pickups as well as its Les Paul guitars. Having the right pickups for your playing style maximizes the guitar’s potential as well as your own.

Effects/Distortion pedals: Everything from reverb to pure distortion is at the tips of your toes with a quality effects/distortion pedal. Experimenting with different effects and distortions is a major part of playing guitar in any genre of music, and good pedals make that process even more enjoyable.

Cables: You need something to connect your Les Paul to your amplifier, and there are a number of different brands and lengths of cables that guarantee a durable way to do so. If you’re looking for more mobility for on-stage performance, a wireless system is the ideal fit.