Guide To Yamaha Electronic Drum Set Sound Modules

An advantage that Yamaha as the designer and manufacturer of a wide range of widely used and highly regarded acoustic drums as well as electronic drum sets is that they can load their own Yamaha drums sounds into their drum sound modules. Yamaha drum sound modules feature complete sets of drum sounds from their well-known pro acoustic sets, including the Recording Custom, Maple Custom, Oak Custom sets and others, so if you’re a Yamaha drums user or a fan, you’ll be happy to have those sounds coming from a Yamaha electronic drum set.

Yamaha has recently added 3 new drum sound modules, replacing and improving upon their earlier generation of modules, such as the DTXtreme and DTXpress. The new models are the DTX500, DTX700 and DTX900 and together, they power 9 different kits for a wide selection of drum set options, starting with:

Yamaha DTX500:
Yamaha has based 4 drum set variations around the low-priced DTX500 module, providing exceptional flexibility and features. The DTX500 gives you 427 drum and percussion sounds in 50 preset kits with 22 user kits available. DTX500 also gives you 63 preset songs and 20 user spots for storing your own song arrangements. With 5 drum pads and 3 cymbal pads, 1 more pad can be added with the use of a Y-cable. The line of DTX500-based sets starts with the DTX500K and adds more and larger DTX-pads with the DTX520K, DTX530K and DTX560K.

Yamaha DTX700: There is nothing that the DTX700 series can’t do. Three drum set options are built around the DTX700 module which comes power-packed with 1396 drums, percussion, melodic and keyboard sounds. They are loaded into 50 preset kits and you can save 60 user kits. There are 50 preset patterns, all of which you can records over, and 10 empty user patterns. Yamaha also gives you 93 re-writeable songs. The DTX700 sets come with 5 drum pads, 3 cymbal pads and an additional pad can be added. Here are the links for the three DTX700 drum set models; DTX700K, DTX750K and the DTX790K.

Yamaha DTX900: What distinguishes the DTX900 module from all others is SAMPLING! The DTX900 will receive and store more than 1000 samples that can be assigned to the user kit locations, even though the DTX900 gives you 1115 drums, cymbals and percussion sounds along with 211 melodic sounds. 50 preset kits, 50 user kits, 50 preset patterns, 50 user patterns, 40 preset songs and 50 user songs round out the specs. The DTX900 includes 6 individual, assignable outputs for more extensive recording and mixing capability. Of the 2 drum sets built around the DTX900 module, the DTX900 comes with 5 drum pads and 4 cymbals with 5 additional dual pad inputs available and the DTX950 set comes with 6 drums, 4 cymbals and 4 additional inputs.

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