Buying Your First Trumpet

Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Louis Armstrong, Chris Botti, Dizzy Gillespie, and too many others to list here — when you chose to play trumpet, you joined a group that includes some of the greatest musicians of all time! All new trumpets look great, shiny and new, reflecting the light like nothing else. But you need to be sure that your trumpet is easy to blow and has excellent intonation. After all, a good trumpet can go from very soft to very loud, so you’d better be able to control it and to play in tune.

Top Trumpet Brands

Certain brands have a long history of producing fine instruments. Their professional models are well-respected and their student instruments have everything you want. These brands include Amati, Bach, Blessing, Getzen, Holton, Jupiter, King, and Yamaha.
Tip:  Give us a call at 1-800-472-6274 if you don’t see the instrument recommended by your teacher. We have many models that we don’t show on our website and we guarantee the lowest possible price and fast free shipping on all trumpets.
In particular, the Bach TR711 Prelude Trumpet is an excellent choice for a first trumpet. The Bach Stradivarius is legendary as one of the greatest professional horns ever produced. The Bach Prelude trumpet is built with the quality and craftsmanship that Bach is known for. This is one gorgeous instrument, with contrasting brass and nickel-plated elements and a red brass lead pipe. The Bach Prelude includes a case and a genuine Bach 7C mouthpiece.

Another great choice for the budget conscious buyer is the Jean Baptiste TP483 Deluxe Engraved Student Trumpet. Precision made in China, we selected the maker of the Jean Baptiste trumpets by reviewing samples from experienced instrument producers over many years. Once we found the right instrument maker, we sent our master brass instrument craftsman, Josh Landress, to oversee improvements to the trumpet materials and design and assure the use of the finest trumpet making techniques and equipment. The result is a beautiful looking and great playing instrument featuring Monel Coated valves like those used on the finest professional instruments. Monel is a natural nickel-copper alloy that is stronger than steel and more resistant to corrosion than other materials. This means that your Jean Baptiste trumpet will last and its valves will remain precise and free moving. Moreover, the Jean Baptiste trumpet compares with models costing twice as much. That is why we sell about 2,000 of them each year. All Jean Baptiste trumpets include a mouthpiece and case.

If you want to start with a somewhat better trumpet, that can remain satisfying as you become a better player, we recommend the Getzen 770 SP Select trumpet. The Getzen 770 SP is made here in the USA by the top craftsmen responsible for some of the finest professional horns. Each one is individually played to insure perfect intonation and full professional sound quality. The Getzen 770 Select includes individually fitted hand lapped nickel plated valves, a gold brass bell, Getzen 7C mouthpiece, and case.

Why Buy Your Trumpet from Sam Ash Direct?

There is no better place to buy your trumpet than from Sam Ash Direct. With over 87 years of experience in the brass and wind instrument business and the guaranteed lowest price and fast free shipping to the lower 48 states, we offer the best trumpet buying experience. We also have a guaranteed trade-in policy, so it is actually cheaper to buy a trumpet from us than to rent from anyone else. Trade in your trumpet  within the first year after purchase and we will apply 50% of the original purchase price to the new instrument (which doesn’t have to be a trumpet). Trade in your trumpet within the second year after purchase and we will apply 40% of the original purchase price to the new instrument (which doesn’t have to be a trumpet).* Another great reason to buy from Sam Ash Direct is our 45/60 day return/price protection policy and our live telephone support — we make sure that you’ll be satisfied with your trumpet.

Tips for Beginning Trumpet Players:

Music StandMusic Stands are important for practicing with proper posture and developing proper breath control and tone.
Care of Trumpet Valves — Clean and lubricate your trumpet’s valves regularly with good quality valve oil. Never remove more than one valve at a time for cleaning and lubrication, since your trumpet will not play if the valves are mixed up.
Mouthpiece Care — Do not jam the mouthpiece into the lead pipe. If the mouthpiece gets stuck do not attempt to remove it with pliers. We have seen many trumpets pulled apart this way. The only way to remove a stuck mouthpiece is with a mouthpiece puller tool. You can have your local instrument repair shop (which always has this tool) or teacher remove the mouthpiece or you can buy a mouthpiece puller on our site.
Playing after eating — Remember to rinse your mouth before playing your trumpet. Food particles blown into the trumpet can interfere with playing and get stuck in the instrument.

*Trade-in figures are based on instruments in good condition. Repair charges will be deducted for damaged instruments.
Guide To Buying Your First Trumpet
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