Korg GEC3EXP Group Education Controller with Expansion


Korg GEC3EXP Group Education Controller with Expansion


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    The Korg Group Education Controller 3 Expanded (GEC3EXP), is the heart of the group music learning system. Based on extensive work with teachers over the last 10 years, the Korg GEC3EXP has evolved into a stereo, fully-digital, flexible and cost-effective audio routing system. Educators can simply combine the GEC3EXP with the necessary number of Student Interface (SI) units, KOSS SB40 student headsets and Alfred's Soundtree Middle School Curriculum to meet their individual teaching lab requirements.
    Suitable for any teaching level and any combination of electronic instruments, (MIDI keyboards, guitars, sound modules, computer soundcards, etc.) the GEC3EXP allows teachers to interact with as many as 32 different student stations and up to 64 students, since each student station can accommodate two students!

    Multiple modes means flexibility
    There are three main modes of GEC3EXP operation. Each of these can be selected from buttons to the right of the touch screen interface.

    Lecture Mode: This mode is used to present material in a lecture format. All students hear the teacher’s microphone and instrument as well as their own instruments.

    Practice Mode: This mode is used if the students are working independently. Each student hears only his or her own instrument. The teacher has the option of “eavesdropping” on the student and initiating 2 way communication with the student.

    Group Mode: This mode is used when students are working together in groups(two or more student workstations in any conceivable order). Each student in a group can hear his or her own instrument as well as the instruments/microphone of the other members of their group.

    The Korg Group Education Controller has the ability to connect a variety of audio options giving you the opportunity to create any kind of lab to fit the needs of your students. This fully-digital, flexible audio routing system allows for lab configurations such as:

    Piano Labs
    Guitar Labs
    Technology Labs
    Language Labs
    Drum and Percussion Labs
    Synthesis Labs
    Computer Labs and more...


    • Fully digital design throughout, featuring digital transfer of audio from each student
    station to the GEC3 unit, S/PDIF output for digital recording of any workstation in the
    system, and conventional analog inputs and outputs.
    • Large, intuitive touch-screen user interface featuring easy to use tabs and screens.
    • Customizable teacher and class setups, including individual teacher preferences and class
    set-ups displaying student names
    • Split function that allows two students to independently work on the same MIDI
    keyboard (with keyboards that can save custom panned splits) allowing you to more
    effectively teach larger groups of students with fewer keyboards.
    • MIDI that allows teacher remote control of student keyboards via conventional MIDI
    • Smart media source that allows you to store or backup teacher and class information and
    load MIDI settings for our most popular lab keyboards


    • Instrument input L/R on dual RCA connectors
    • Dual RCA aux input L/R routes from aux source into GEC3
    • Dual RCA aux input 2 L/R connects to additional audio source
    • Dual RCA tape output
    • Dual RCA room output
    • MIDI I/O
    • Digital S/PDIF on coaxial connector
    • Student Interface on RJ45 ethernet connection

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    Dimensions 17.75" x 8" x 3.26" (LxWxH)
    Weight 11 lbs.
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