Telefunken USA AR-70 Stereo Tube Microphone


Telefunken USA AR-70 Stereo Tube Microphone


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$2,995.00 $3,444.00 Save: $449.00 (13%)

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  • Description

    The AR-70 STEREO includes one fixed cardioid capsule on the bottom, and on top, a capsule wired for remote multi-polar pattern capabilities. This allows the microphone to perform multiple stereo recording techniques, as well as a standard single channel monophonic recording, all in one package. In stereo mode, the AR-70 STEREO can be set up in a standard X/Y configuration, with each capsule orientated 90 degrees away from each other, resulting in a perfectly co-incidental pair.

    With the option of the multi-pattern functionality of the top capsule, the microphone can also be used in Mid-Side (M/S) technique, where the lower capsule is fixed in cardioid, and the upper capsule is rotated 90 degrees and set to the Figure 8 polar pattern.

    One of the most unique ways to use the AR-70 STEREO is in "dual mono" mode, which can lead to all kinds of interesting textures for vocals. By running the outputs into two different microphone pre-amplifiers, the user can now have one capsule set up to sound its best on quieter passages in a vocal and the other for louder passages. If the user runs about 10dB more gain on the microphone pre-amplifier for the capsule that is set up to record quiet passages, then both outputs can be recorded separately and blended later; or a compression device can be used on the pre-amplifier that is set up for the quieter passages which will net about 12-15dB of gain reduction as the singer gets louder. These two outputs can be summed and the resulting signal will maintain a relatively constant level while being automatically combined for optimal capture of the performance.

    Each AR-70 Stereo microphone comes complete with M970AR power supply, M801 25' dual-shielded TX-7 tube microphone cable, M701 elastic shock mount, a FC70 locking flight case and wooden microphone box.

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  • Specification

    Polar Pattern Top Capsule - 9-Pattern Variable including Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Bidirectional / Bottom Capsule - Cardioid
    Model AR-70
    Maximum SPL 128 dB
    Frequency Range 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ± 3 dB
    Dimensions 305 mm L x 46 mm Dia
    Capsule TK51D - 26.5 mm Edge Terminated Diaphragm
    Weight 866 g
    Impedance 250 Ohms
    Self Noise 8dB
    Type Pressure Gradient Condenser
    Tubes GE ECC81 (NOS)
    Sensitivity 13 mV/Pa ± 1 dB
    Power Supply M 970AR PSU - 7 Pin Female XLR Input, Two 3 Pin Male XLR Outputs, Polar Pattern Selector
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    Warranty Info:

    Our products are split into four levels: Vintage, Platinum, Professional, and R-F-T. The R-F-T series of microphones, which include the AK47 and the M16 MkII, have a five year warranty. The Professional level of microphones, which includes the Ela M 251/250F, Ela M 12F, RM-5C, and the Ela M 260, offer a one year warranty. The Platinum level of microphones, which includes the Ela M 251/251E, the Ela M 12, the Ela M 270, the "CineMike," and the U 47 M, come with a five year warranty. The Vintage series microphones, which includes the Ela M 251V, the Ela M251VAC, the Ela M 12V, and the U 47 M with the VF-14 tube, also come with a 5 year warranty. However, the tubes found in the microphones are not covered under warranty.