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MSRP: $3,888.87 $2,499.99 Save : $1,388.88 (36%)
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MSRP: $3,888.87 $2,499.99 Save : $1,388.88 (36%)
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The 2Box DrumIt Five Series is an outstanding line of electronic drums who's sound quality and playability are unmatched. This revolutionary series of instruments allows you to find your sound while providing rock solid stability and response with top of the line triggers and realistic feeling pads.

The Rack
The kit is extremely easy to setup and use. The specially designed rack system was created with the player in mind. As opposed to most rack's which are bulky, heavy, and inherently clumsy; the DrumIt Five's rack system is extremely light weight while having a focused center of gravity which provides the foremost stability. This makes it easy to carry to gigs, rehearsals, or whatever else you plan on throwing at it. It's also incredibly versatile as it helps to improve your ergonomics by being infinitely adjustable. Everything about this is adjustable, even the positioning of the kick pad which is mounted directly to the rack itself.

The Pads
The DrumIt Five series offers low latency triggering with a great dynamic range that consist of many different velocity layers. These many layers allow this kit to faithfully reproduce a dynamic range that needs to be heard to be believed. This kit is features specially designed rubber heads which perfectly mimic the rebound and feel of an acoustic kit.

The Rim
The pads of the DrumIt Five offer up a unique Floating Rim™. This innovative design incorporates an independent rim trigger in addition to the main head sensor. This allows you to play on the rims with-out triggering the head. The rim sensor offers the same dynamic control as the sensor in the head. Both triggers are then connected to one input on the unit via a stereo trigger cable.

In the DrumIt Five factory library you will find tom and snare sounds that are recorded with multi-level rim hits. You can choose to play the original rim sound or assign a totally different sound to the rim; such as a cowbell, tambourine or loop.

The DrumIt Five hi-hat works just the same as a conventional set of acoustic hi-hats, i.e. the playing surface moves up and down. The built-in sensor detects the vertical movement which, together with the multi-zone trig sensor, enables to reproduce the broad sound palette inherent to a hi-hat.
The DrumIt Five kit is supplied with multi-zone cymbals. The cymbals are designed to behave in exactly the same way as their acoustic counterpart, as such; they are free to swing when struck. They also include all three zones of a cymbal; the bell, bow and edge. The cymbals are covered with a special silicon rubber surface, which offers up a feel that's as close to the real thing as possible with a fast rebound and very low acoustic noise level. The playing surface is mounted on top of two durable aluminum sensor plates. These cymbals are also choke-able, giving you’re a more realistic playing experience.

The Module
In addition to all this, this kit comes with one powerful module to round ti all out. The DrumIt Five Module features a USB port for easy connectivity to you Mac or Pc, MIDI in and out for easy recording, 2 audio in line which allow you to play along to your favorite songs, 4GB flash memory for expanded storage space, 100 fully editable kits. In addition to the 100 drum kit's you'll already be getting, this module has room to store an addition 999 kits. This guarantees that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you'll always have the perfect kit for the job. When the DrumIt Five is connected to your computer (via the USB), all sounds and kits can be easily downloaded to the internal Flash memory. Use the editor to download complete kits or just drag-and-drop the files you want, it's that simple.

This pack is just the kit. You'll also need a bass drum pedal, snare stand, and hi-hat stand. If you do not already own these items, you can find them in our "Things You'll Need" section.

Get your 2Box DrumItFive 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set from Sam Ash Direct today. With fast, free shipping at the guaranteed lowest price, the security of our many decades of experience, and the Sam Ash Direct 45/60 day return/price protection policy, you can’t possibly go wrong!

Things You Will Get:

    Module w/ Mount
    Rack System
    (3X) Tom Mounts
    (2X) Cymbal Mounts
    Snare Pad
    (2X) Tom Pad
    Floor Tom Pad
    Bass Drum Pad
    Ride Cymbal Pad
    Crash Cymbal Pad
    Hi-Hat Pads
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