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Sam Ash is an authorized Gibson Internet RetailerBack in 1896, Orville H. Gibson founded the Gibson Guitar Company. Orville's guitars were often made of the wood from old furniture, to get the tonal quality of aged wood. Orville also pioneered the use of the arch top in guitar and mandolin design, taking inspiration from that of fine violins and cellos. This resulted in instruments that produced great tone and volume and established Gibson as one of the premier guitar makers in the world.

Ever since Orville's day, the Gibson guitar company has been particular about selecting and curing tone woods and in using fine finishes that get the most out of these carefully selected materials. Gibson has always been one of the greatest innovators in the guitar business. From the pioneering solid-body electric guitars developed with legendary guitarist and inventor Les Paul, to the humbucking pickup, to the development of the first guitar effects, Gibson has always been at the forefront of guitar technology. Today, Gibson guitars are made in the musical heart of the United States: Nashville, Tennessee.

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