In 1985, Beatles producer, Sir George Martin, asked pro-audio designer, Rupert Neve, to augment the recording desks at Air Studios. The result was the Focusrite ISA110: a microphone preamplifier and equaliser module, which quickly became ubiquitous within Pro recording circles. ... [more]

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A range of USB audio interfaces featuring Focusrite mic pres and pro quality conversion.
Professional quality conversion and near zero latency mothering.
Premium interfaces for high-quality iOS recording.
Featuring transformer modeled preamps,crystal clear conversion and near zero latency.
Mic preamplifiers have been Focusrite's heritage.
Focusrite channel strips provide the perfect signal path for digital recording.
Premium plug-ins inspired by high quality analog design.

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In 1989, audio industry veteran, Phil Dudderidge, purchased the Focusrite brand and various assets. Over the next 25 years, the company would be responsible for numerous industry firsts, including the legendary Red Range that brought sex appeal to techy gear racks across the globe.

With the advent of computer music production, Focusrite developed what is purported to be the first software designed to mimic both the original look and the sound quality of hardware: the d2 and d3 plug-ins. After embracing international manufacturing to bring high-quality music making to the masses, Focusrite were instrumental in changing the world of home music recording, with the release of the Digidesign MBox interface in 2000; designed and manufactured by Focusrite, who have gone on to become the number one audio interface manufacturer, worldwide.

In 2004, Focusrite acquired Novation Electronic Music Systems: a British institution for electronic music makers, whose synthesisers and controllers were integral to world-renowned artists, from Muse and Madonna, to Skrillex and James Blake.

In 2009, Novation released Launchpad: one of the very first grid-based performance controllers. Its 8x8 grid of illuminated buttons allowed musicians to trigger sounds, loops and effects in the popular music software, Ableton Live. This changed the landscape of electronic music production and performance. To date, Novation Launchpad performance videos on YouTube have been viewed over a billion times. Today, Focusrite combines an enviable heritage, cutting edge technology and a genuine passion for music, to innovate and build upon its world-class reputation in audio recording equipment and instruments for electronic music. By reinventing how music makers produce and perform music today, Focusrite is helping to shape the sound of tomorrow.

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