BOSS Guitar Effect Pedals

It stands to reason that BOSS has made the best-selling guitar and bass effects pedals, drum machines, and tuners for many years. BOSS is a division of Roland Corporation and no company is better at advancing sound and signal processing than Roland ... [more]


The world's best-selling guitar and bass classic single pedals.
A wide range of powerful multi-effects boards for the beginners to the pros.
Cutting-edge technology for the modern guitarists.
Self-contained digital multi-track recorders, with built-in pro effects.
Stand-alone rhythm machines designed to help you rehearse and learn.
World-leading Loop Stations — great for practicing and gigging.
Vocal processors and accessories for performing, recording and rehearsing.
Keep your self in tune and in time — for guitar, bass and other instruments.

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About BOSS

Most Boss pedals are instantly recognizable by their solid case in a compact footprint. Designed to fit interchangeably in a standard pedal board (several of which are made by Boss) and to take a real beating, the Boss Pedal footprint has become something of an industry standard.

Effects pedal enthusiasts have debated the best way to let the clean signal through the pedal. Is the best way a buffered bypass or true bypass? Boss has answered this squarely on the side of the buffered bypass using Field Effects Transistors to avoid clicks and pops when switching the pedal on and off and preventing signal loss on long runs of cable.

In the 1960s Roland's founder, Ikutaro Kakehashi, developed some of the earliest drum machines under the Rhythm Ace name. Since then Roland and its Boss division have retained a strong place in the field of drum machines. Boss Dr. Rhythm drum machines include the value priced Boss DR3, featuring realistic drum sounds in a simple user-friendly package and the Boss DR880, with COSM modeling technology and all the features you could want.

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