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Bach Trumpets

Stradivarius Trumpets

The Bach Stradivarius Trumpet is without question the most popular trumpet among professional trumpet players. Specifically the model 180-S-37 which is a medium-large bore silver-plated instrument with a number 37 bell. Bach makes other Stradivarius Trumpets — with reverse lead pipes, lightweight models, models with 43 or 72 bells, but the vast bulk of the players prefer the 180-S-37.

Individually most trumpet players prefer silver plated horns. Most pro player find the tone of silver plated trumpets to be brighter and more responsive. Many models are available in LT (lightweight) versions as well. For those players looking for different characteristics in a Stradivarius Trumpet, Bach makes models with different bells, mouth pipes, and bores.

Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Bell Types:

• 37: provides rich, compact sound with great projection (the standard for most players)

• 43: broader, brighter open tone

• 72: darker strong, powerful sound

• 25: sharper and slightly tighter with more focused projection

• 38: compact, fluid sound

• 239: big, rich, dark sound

Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Bore Size

Most players prefer the medium large bore of the 180-S-37 as a perfect balance between volume and playability. Larger bores are harder to play but give more volume and carrying power. Bach also offers the Vindabona dual bore with a medium-large valve section and a smaller inner diameter on top of the main tuning slide for a dark, warm sound.

Bore size is designated as follows:

• M: medium, .453" (11.51mm)

• ML: medium-large, .459" (11.66mm)

• MLV: Vindabona, .453"/.459" (11.51/11.66mm)

• L: large, .462" (11.74mm)

Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Mouthpipes

The faster the taper the warmer the sound. Models with reverse construction mouthpipes provide a more open feel with a longer taper for improved intonation. Available tapers include:

• 25: provides some resistance and is effective in centering or tying together tone production

• 25-Open: more open and free-blowing

• 25C: same features as the 25

• 25A: longer version of 25C

• 7: more free-blowing with a darker tone

• 43: more flexible and open feeling with less resistance and a brighter sound

Less Expensive Bach Trumpets

For those who find the Stradivarius Trumpet too pricey Bach makes series TR-200. The dimensions are the same but instead of a one piece hand hammered bell it has a two piece soldered bell. At the student level Bach has TR-300H2 made in the USA, and the TR500 and TR600 – Bach designed but made in China.

Jerry Ash Remembers Vincent Bach

"Nearly 60 years ago, shortly after we received the Bach franchise, I got a stern call from Vincent Bach himself. I was to come to his factory in Mt. Vernon, NY. When I go there he gave me a lecture. I was selling his horns too cheaply (kept discounting and still do). He wanted me to see how much skill and care it took to make a Bach and to prove it was worth every penny of the list price. I noticed that every valve was hand-fitted to the instrument. When the Selmer Company bought Bach I had qualms about the quality. But Selmer did the right thing; they made the tools and trained their staff to make flawless Bach horns. Not only that, but their work was so precise that the valves fit perfectly so that you could order a new valve and just slide it into place."